Are we buying more drugs thanks to the internet?#darkweb – Charlotte Colman

You can buy drugs on the street, from a dealer, from friends. Or, in the year 2021, through the dark depths of the internet: the dark web. How difficult is it to order drugs from your armchair? How does it work? Who are the buyers? What do the police know about it? And doesn’t this lead to a sudden increase in the sale of drugs? Charlotte Colman researches this with the University of Ghent and introduces you to the online drug marketplaces. Is it easier to buy drugs through the internet? What does science say? (Published by Universiteit Vlaanderen) (This video is in Dutch)

Does the Geneva Convention say that all refugees must come to our places? – Ellen Desmet

Whenever the topic of refugees arises in politics or media, the “Geneva Convention” is quickly invoked. But is that always correct? What does this Convention really say? Or… What does it not say? And why is there always so much discussion about it? In this video, Ellen Desmet elaborates on this Convention that was concluded in 1951. What is important is that the world has not stood still since 1951. The Geneva Convention is the only worldwide treaty for refugees. But… there are still laws and agreements. Europe, for example, has additional laws. And in other parts of the world there are also additional obligations to the Geneva Convention, for example in Africa. (Published by Universiteit Vlaanderen) (This video is in Dutch)

Made by Universiteit Vlaanderen
Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) and their influence on policy during the Covid-19 crisis

Today’s interactive panel debate takes the COVID-19 crisis as a starting point for a much-needed discussion on the role of science in society and specifically on the relevance and impact of the social sciences and humanities (SSH) on policy-making. SSH researchers from different disciplines, with experience on working with policy makers, will take stock of the current situation and reflect on the future of the role of the social sciences and humanities. (Created by Interdisciplinary consortia aimed at realising societal impact)

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